John Wessling - Democrats in Texas

Season 1, Ep 0101 08/31/2006 Views: 1,612

John Wessling is a Democrat from Texas. (1:52)

My name's John.Everyone say, "Hi, John."

ALL:Hi, John.

Hello, Gotham.

This is cool, man.

I'm from Texas originally.

It's okay, let thatsit for a second.

But I'm like you,I'm a Democrat from Texas.

Which is pretty damn rare.

There's more gay Sasquatchthan there are Democrats

in Texas.

We don't get a lot of coverage.

We're actuallykind of like the team

that plays againstthe Globetrotters.

We're just really goodat getting our ass kicked

and looking like hippies,so all the rednecks love it.

But I...

My first job out of collegewas a lot of fun.

I was a traffic reporter.

And when you're a young stoner,right out of college,

there is no better jobthan getting paid to fly around

in a helicopte, telling peoplewhich way to go.

I was like...( puffs )

"Turn left, dude, turn left.

( laughs )"I was lying, dude.

"There's no wreck.

( giggles )"Look at you, you're late

and so little."

But I always thought,one of these days,

they will make marijuana legal.

And when it happens,

there will be a first day.

And that's the day I want to be

back in the chopperdoing traffic.

"Uh, taking a good lookat the traffic on the first day

"of the legalizationof marijuana.

"Absolutely no traffic problemswhatsoever.

"Everyone's going real slowand taking care of each other.

"Joints are flying fromcar to car on the expressway.

"Road rage isa thing of the past.

"There are a lot of peoplebacked up on the on-ramp

"afraid to get on the freeway.

But go for it, bro,it's merge day."