You Complete Me

Assie Come Home Season 7, Ep 21 07/31/2013 Views: 6,040

With the help of Tarquin, Fry, Bender and Leela venture inside a shipwreck in search of one of Bender's parts. (1:44)

(Tarquin panting)




TARQUIN (over radio):Those sound likeone-eyed corpse screams.

Oh, I wish I was down therewith ye.

Let's not forgetthat this shipwreck

is also the final resting placeof this brave captain.

Place your bets.


(gasps)That's it. I'm sure!

I can tell by thewords on the crate!

Oh, my beloved.

You complete me.

(thunder crashing)

Hurry on inside now.

Storm's a-brewin'.

I can feel itin my Weather Channel app.