Lewis Black - Energy

Black, Sirof, Rothenberg, Wilson, Smith, Stout, Bowman Season 2, Ep 7 05/24/2007 Views: 4,981

This generation will not see an alternative form of energy. (1:49)

the Democratsand the Republicans,

with alternative energy--that's working out really well.

I can guarantee,in your lifetime...

you ain't gonna see it.

I've waited 35 years for someform of alternative energy.

And we could have any kind ofalternative energy we want. Why?

'Cause we'rethe greatest country on Earth.

Except when it comesto getting (bleep) done.

We, uh, how... we could havefairy dust if we wanted it.

We have iPods, for God's sake.

We have iPods!

We made an iPod!

'Kay? And we can't have solarenergy, not even in Las Vegas,

where the sun is a footfrom your head?


Well, if you ask any congressmanwhy we don't have solar energy,

they go, "'Cause it's too hard.

It makes me squeeze my pee-peeso I don't poo-poo."


"We don't have solar energy

"'cause the sun goes awayeach day

and it doesn't tell youwhere it's going."


We could have any kindof energy we want.

All you have to do is gather upall those scientists

who know exactly, um,what they're after,

and-and, uh, and allthose graduate students

who've done nothingbut study it,

and you lock them intoa warehouse,

and you surround themwith the National Guard,

and you tell them they bettercome up with something

or we'll kill 'em.


That's my idea, and that's...



That's the kind of idea I havethat, uh, makes it impossible

for me to be Presidentof the United States.