I Want My Dollar

Fry and Leela's Big Fling Season 7, Ep 15 06/19/2013 Views: 18,107

Fry is unhappy that Leela is spending time with her ex-boyfriend, leading to an altercation between the two men. (2:33)

After that, my music careerreally started taking off.

I recorded a demoand shot a video,

but then I lost my phone.

My life has beenequally exciting.

It turned out, I'm notan alien orphan, I'm a mutant.

With wonderful parents.

Yeah, we've been througha lot, me and my sax.

May I noodle?

Please.It's been a long time.


Look at them.

I came here to get romanticwith the woman I love.

Instead, she's with herex-boyfriend and I'm stuck with

a pair of skilledmechanical hands.


Say, I don't supposeyou're free later?

Then I have no choice.

And now this part.

(playing rapidly)

If you want to steal my girl,you'll have to fight me for her.

Stop playing that lovely songand put up your dukes!


Fry, there's nothingto be jealous of.

I've been sitting herepaying my bills online.


(plays discordant note)

Dude, youbroke my reed!

You owe me,like, a dollar!

You'll have tokill me for it!


(karate grunting)

Just stop, you two!

I've had that reedfor 20 years!

It's irreplaceable!


I want my dollar!


What the heck are you doing,you moron?

A little drinking,a little fighting.

Get off my back.

Who are you?

This is mywife, Darlene.

We met at the99-cent store.

You're married?!

Wait a dang minute.

One eye, purple hair--you're Leela!

The crazy onethat Sean dumped.

It was mutual!

Sean, why is this hussyat our resort?

Your resort?This is our vacation.

Could've fooled me.Quiet, Fry.

This is between me and thelady in the hooter hammock.

Listen, honey,

I'd love to stay hereand Denny's-fight you,

but they just told methe shuttle's fixed.

What?!We better leave

before they chargeus for another day.

Grab some complimentarysnacks and let's go!

(both panting)

I'm drunk, I'm grouchy, and I'mgonna eat this peanut butter.

Want to watch?

Not really, but I will.