The Condom Conundrum

Harvard Season 2, Ep 7 07/27/2016 Views: 1,323

Lillian heads to the pharmacy with Garfield to buy condoms, but finds them more difficult to obtain than she thought. (1:28)

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- Go, Garfield.Just go.

Go. Go.


- Yes.

Well, what do Iwant today?

- Whatever you need,ask Duane Reade.

- Well, I would love a box

of toothache powder.


- Best I got.

- Yes, and some of the, um,

stop being gay pills.

No, I'm stocked up on those.

Just, um, some toilet tissues.

Don't mind if I do.[chuckles]

For doo-doo.

- [giggles]

Where is my con-dahm?

- I know.I'm a failure.

I couldn't do it.

- Ugh.I'll do it myself.

- Yes?- Hi.

I'd like to purchasea con-dahm.

- [grunts]Yes. Shh. Shh.

Cops could hear you.Are you crazy?

- Crazy horny.[chuckles]

- Uh, we don't sellrubber skins here,

certainly not to a woman,of all people.

- [gasps]Well, then, how am I supposed

to have sex for pleasure?

- Why don't you askthe other gals

on the corner of Unwed Roadand Whore Boulevard?

- I'm a whorebecause I want to have sex?

Don't you want to have sex?

- Of courseI want to have sex.

I love sex.It feels so good on my penis.

So unless you'd liketo go around back

and get bent over a palletof Gold Medal flour

or get arrested,I suggest you leave.

- Bent over?

I don't even likethat position.

I'm more of a "lay thereand take it" kind of gal.

- Oh.