Smog Heaven

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 01/04/2017 Views: 220

Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kyle Kinane and Ron Funches offer their first impressions of an off-putting Beijing subway ad. (2:21)

Here in L.A.,our air is the color

of a clogged waffle housetoilet, but...

-(laughter)'s no...


Just think about itfor a second.

-(laughter)-Just really process it.

But it's nowhere near as bad

as the air in Beijingwhere the atmosphere

is now technicallyconsidered gravy.

This person,person who took this picture,

now knows what it's like to geta Dutch oven from John Goodman.

There, it's happeningright there. You see it.

-RAJSKUB: Aah!-It's under the sheets.


-HARDWICK: This actually is a...-His farts don't smell bad.

-I've been around him, you know.-They don't smell?

I didn't say they smell bad.I just said they did...

-Oh, true that.-Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-His farts smells good, man.Uh... -(laughter)

But there's actually some fun

and flirty accessorieslike this one

if you're oneof those kooky characters

that actually likesgoing outside.

This is not the Lifetime rebootof Mortal Kombat.

-I know you guys were wondering.-(laughter)

-Finish her!-(laughter)

Finish? Finish?


-(applause and cheering)-Ah, no. Okay.

(applause and cheering)

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: This...

This sports mask insures you canjog without choking on the sky,

and if you connect itto your iPod,

you can breathe inpure lung fulls of Skrillex,

-so comedians...-(laughter)

If you didn't know any better,what would you assume

this was an ad for?Ronald Funches.

Oh, that's just a cool new wayto enjoy Capri Suns.

-HARDWICK: Yeah.-(laughter)


(applause and cheering)


F... uh... f...


Finally, I can download

all those smells from iTunes.

-HARDWICK: All right. Points.-(laughter)

-That wasn't good at all.-No, that's all right.

-You were...-That wasn't good at all.

-RAJSKUB: I like it.-You were you just

thinking aboutyour Gorton's Fisherman

box shoot you got to do later,and...

(laughter,applause and cheering)

Probably thinkingabout which overcoat to wear.

Just becauseyou dress like a leprechaun with

-a court date every time I showup to this thing. -(laughter)

-Listen, you got... -(withIrish accent): Wait a minute.

-(applause and cheering) -Wait aminute! No! -You got wardrobe

to work with, all right?This is mine.

This is bull (bleep)!This is bull (bleep)!

He came to the end of my (bleep)rainbow, took me gold.

Of course I killed the prick!

-Of course I (bleep) did.-(laughter)

-(applause, whooping)-Oh!