Gregg Rogell - Santa Claus

Bern, Comin, Rogell Season 2, Ep 6 05/17/1993 Views: 3,753

Santa's a fat Nazi bastard. (1:30)

I was visiting my family.

And I was going through aphoto album that my mom had.


-Uh, you should dosomething about that.

That's-- that's very bad.

And I was goingthrough a photo album.

I found a letter thatI wrote to Santa Claus

when I was a littlekid that my mom saved.

Did you ever writea letter to Santa

Claus when you were a kid?So it was kinda cute.

So it was kinda cute.I brought it with me.

I'll read it to you.

Dear Santa, I'm not writing thisletter to ask you for any toys.

I know you won't give meany because I'm a Jew.

Your apparent lack of compassiontowards the Jewish community

is only a reflectionof a racist policy

of nonrecognition towardsthe state of Israel.

Eh, I was a kid.

I didn't know any better.

I hope you getclipped by a DC-10,

and you crash inthe Andes Mountains,

and you have to eat yourown reindeer to survive,

you fat Nazi bastard.

Eh, the hell with Santa Claus.

If he's such a big shot, howcome he has to work at Macy's?