Keith Robinson - Sneaky Son

Kevin Hart Presents Keith Robinson: Back of the Bus Funny Season 1, Ep 1 02/21/2015 Views: 3,536

Keith Robinson pinpoints the exact moment when he stopped liking his son. (1:26)

Let me tell you when I firststopped liking my son,

Here's when I firststopped liking him.

I go in the house, I'mlike, son, do those dishes.

He like I don't dothat type of work.

I'm sorry, son.

What the [bleep]is your specialty?

You a doctor?

You dress like a dishwasher,do the god damn dishes.

I remember he waslike 13, right?

He gonna call me up outof nowhere, frantic.

Dad, I'm being chased.

A man is chasing me.

That's my only child.

If I had three or fourother children, I'm like,

son, make it thebest way you can,

make it the best way you can.

"Sports Center" is on.

I need to-- Butthat's my only son.

So I get my baseball bat, catchthem two blocks from the house.

He out of breath.

I'm out of breath.

Son, are you good?

Yeah, Dad, I'm good.

I fought him off.

I'm like, that's my boy.

Then out of nowhere,he started crying.

Dad, don't be mad.

I fought him offas hard as I could.

Only thing he was ableto wrestle from me

is my report card.

You mother [bleep], you.

You son of a bitch.

I couldn't even be mad at him.

I'm like, son, I don't evenneed to see your report card.

You are obviouslya genius to come

up with some shit like this.

You are a genius.