Jessi Klein - Backhanded Compliments

Jessi Klein Season 15, Ep 13 03/04/2011 Views: 28,098

Jessi Klein's brown hair and glasses cause a lot of guys to label her a "sexy librarian type." (2:41)

Over the years,I've had different guys

that I've datedsaying this thing to me

that I guess issupposed to be nice,

but it's not nice--Where, maybe I don't know

if any ofthe ladies here

have ever hearda guy say this,

but guys have said tome, "You know, Jessi,

"part of what makesyou so pretty

"is you have no ideahow pretty you are."

And then they'rejust like, "Enjoy."

[audience laughing]

And I'm like,"That is not nice.

You know, thatis like, at best,

that's like abackhanded compliment

and at worst, that's justlike a forehanded insult.

Because I know that what thatsentence really means is,

"Part of what makesyou so pretty

"is that yourself-esteem is so low,

"it's easier for meto [deleted] you."

[audience laughing]


That's whatthat means.

Don't say it.

That's exactlywhat that means.

I, um... I think.

I, uh, so, I-Iobviously,

I have-I have brown hairand I wear these glasses

and I usually havemy hair up in a bun,

so the other thing guyshave often said to me is,

uh, they'll be like,

"You're like a... you'relike a sexy librarian.

[audience laughing]

"You're like a sexylibrarian type.

"You're a sexylibrarian."

And I'm like, "Hmm, I'vealways thought of myself

"of more of abookish whore."


Sort of, you know, lessof a nerd, more of a slut!

[audience laughing]

I dated a guy oncewho was very into--

When we werein bed--

This is gettingpersonal, you guys.

Now, it'sgetting personal.

When we were in bed,he would do this thing

where he would try tolike, spank me sometimes.

Has anyone ever--still just me?

Um, he wouldtry to spank me.

And it was, you know,it just made me laugh.

It was supposed to be sexy,but it's just so ridiculous.

You know, like,I don't know when

it came to beconsidered erotic

to treat the person thatyou're having sex with like,

they're theworst person!

You knowwhat I mean?

Like, "You're terrible."