Exclusive - "U Name It" Challenge for a Stressful Thanksgiving

11/21/2016 Views: 33,189

Trevor and Roy Wood Jr. ease Thanksgiving tensions for families split on Donald Trump's presidential victory with their take on the "U Name It" challenge. (1:12)

- Hi, I'm Trevor Noah from The Daily Show,

this is my good friend, Roy Wood Jr.

Thanksgiving is gonna betough this year because

families are split apart by the Trump election victory

and Roy, you have a message for the people, right?

- Well, I know a lot ofpeople don't want their

Trump-voting relatives at the Thanksgiving table,

but Trevor, Trevor, Trevor, you've got to relax.

These people are still your family,

they thought they were doing the right thing.

You just gotta chill out.

This is what you gotta tell em, look.

♪ Man, please.

♪ Lamb, yams, rolls, dogs

♪ Beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes

♪ Chicken, turkey, gravy, beans

♪ Greens, rabbit, zebra, pies

♪ Gazelle, antelope

- You don't eat antelope, don't eat antelope.

- But it looks delicious.

- You name it.