Anderson Cooper vs. Florida's Attorney General

June 15, 2016 - Timothy Simons 06/15/2016 Views: 12,102

CNN's Anderson Cooper relentlessly questions Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi about her past resistance to marriage equality in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando. (4:27)

Welcome back! Now,

after the tragic eventsin Orlando,

many politicians are rallyingaround the LGBT community,

including Floridaattorney general, Pam Bondi.

And we are making it clearanyone who attacks

our LGBT community, anyonewho attacks anyone in our state,

will be gone after with...

to the fullest extentof the law.

Yep, nice words.

But unfortunatelyfor Attorney General Bondi,

Anderson Cooper was thereto go all 360 on her ass.

You basically had goneafter gay people,

said court, that gay people,

simply by fightingfor marriage equality,

were trying to do harmto the people of Florida.

Do you really think you'rea champion of the gay community?



Anderson's goin' off!

Damn, you do not wantto make Anderson Cooper mad.

He will... respectfully ask yousome questions

about the cases you oversawagainst gay marriage.

Are you saying you did notbelieve it would do harm

-to Florida?-Of course not.

Of course not. G-Gay peo...

No, I've never said that.

The only time thatmuch stuttering doesn't mean

you're lying is whenit's in a dance remix, right?

♪ G-Gay people

I have never really seen youtalk about gays and lesbians

and transgender peoplein a positive way until now.

Um, I read your Twitter historyfor the last year,

and I saw you tweeting about,you know, National Dog Month.

You never even tweetedabout Gay Pride Month.

Wait, hold on. He readher Twitter history for a year?

I don't knowwhether he's a good journalist

or just a stalker at this point.Maybe both.

And, yes, she tweetedabout National Dog Month,

but we checkedand she never sent one tweet

about National Gay Dog Month.

That's just wrong.

But, but Pam had a solid defensefor that, too.

Well, actually, if you lookat my, um, Web site now

-we have hands clasped together,-Mm-hmm.

um, all different color,rainbow hands and people.

-So you just put that up now?-So... Yeah, I did,

-after this horrible tragedy,absolutely. -Right. Right.

(laughs)"So you just put that up now?

Oh, you just put that up now?"

Absolutely. She will showrespect for minority groups

when there'sa stock image available.

Except-- spoiler alert--

there are no rainbow handson Pam Bondi's site.

-(groaning)-She didn't even do

the one bull(bleep)political move she said she did!

(groans)Here, Pam, let me help you out.

(cheering and applause)

There you go.

Okay. Now, it's been 24 hourssince the interview,

which apparently isn't enoughtime to find some rainbow hands,

but it should be enough timeto set the record straight.

Or, well, you know.

BONDI (speaking):

Yeah, you-you could have beenhelping,

by clearing up your bull(bleep).

And, for good measure, shedoubled down on her non-apology.

BONDI (speaking):

No, no.

The Florida gay communityalready hated you.

They already did.

You d...It didn't encourage it, no.

For... You know,for the whole saying

gay marriagewould cause public harm thing,

insinuating that gay parentsdon't create stable homes thing,

and, of course,the gay friends excuse thing,

when asked about gay marriage.

Are you personally against it?

You know,I-I have so many gay friends.

Jason at Starbucksis not your friend, okay?

And, and he's straight!

Stop judging guys with man buns,all right?


Not right.

Now, I have to say this though,

guys, I have had my issueswith CNN in the past.

I'm technically not allowedto appear on their network.

But, but I have to give creditwhere credit is due.

Anderson Cooper, for doingwhat we should be seeing

on cable news all the time,

I am giving youa half-stand full clap.

(cheering and applause)

Way to do your job, man!

Way to do your job!

And I still got my eye on you,Wolf.

And Becky with the good hair.

We'll be right back.

(cheering and applause)