Ten-Pound Baby

A Burden's Burden Season 1, Ep 2 04/14/1999 Views: 6,560

In an effort to teach the Flatpoint High students about the consequences of reproduction, Coach Wolf gives Jerri an actual baby. (1:11)

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Today we're going to be talkingabout reproduction

and its consequences.

In order for you to know whatit's like to take care of a tenpound baby

each of you will be takingcare of

a ten pound baby.

First up: Jerri Blank!

Jerri: But I've had plenty ofbabies!

Just none I've carried tofull term.

Come get the baby, Jerri.

Ugh, I don't understandthe point of this.

The point, Jerri, is for youto learn a valuable lesson.

Which is?

Well if I told you the lessonyou wouldn't be learning it

I'd be teaching it.

Alright, moving right along:P - O - V - E - R - T - Y,poverty.

(Bell rings)

Jerri, where's it going tosleep?

Jerri: Sleep?

Yeah, what are you going to feedit?

Jerri: Feed it?

How much is it worth?

Jerri: Seventy G's on the blackmarket, twice that if the eyesstay blue.

Onyx: So, look who's a singlemother.

I think it's wonderful thatCoach Wolf is giving awayinfants

to you people.

Rub some vitamin E into itsskull; helps close fontanel.

Jerri: That's good to know.

You can learn more at thelibrary.

Jerri: I'll go there now.