Nate Fernald - A Terrible Week

Nate Fernald Season 5, Ep 6 09/09/2016 Views: 1,542

Nate Fernald shares the details of his awful week, which included getting arrested, having health issues and discovering a new snake-based fear. (1:47)

Um, admittedly, I haven't beenonstage in... kind of a while,

so I hope I remember (laughs)how to do this, but...


It's that one.

I've not been havinga good week.

This is, uh, not a good week.

I got arrested this weekfor the first time in my life.


I had a totally cleancriminal record,

and then I got arrested

for riding my bikewithout a helmet.

Into a bank with a gun,and I guess they don't...


They don't like that.

Another thingthat happened to me this week,

I, uh... I had a totalbrain shart the other day.

You know those?

That's where you think thatyou're gonna have a brain fart,

but then... you have a stroke,and it's, uh...

Yeah, it's not good.

And I'm having trouble

paying my hospital bills.

And I'm reallystarting to regret

buying that hospital, you know?

I didn't need it.I didn't need it.

I also found this out this week.

I found out that snakescan come out of the toilet.

Yeah. Deal with that.

So, now I have a brand-new fear

that I never even knewI had before.

I'll just be sittingon the toilet,

and then a snake will come out,

and turn into a bunch of womenand laugh at my penis.

And they just...

I don't want that.

(quietly):I don't want that.