Andi Smith - Camping

Season 2, Ep 0207 05/24/2007 Views: 11,460

Andi tried to fit in with the other campers on her family vacations. (2:02)

I get to be the token chickon the show.

(laughter)I do.

People are weirdabout women comics.

I told this guy the other nightthat I was a comedian.

He was, like,"What are you, gay?"

I was, like, "Holy (bleep), no,

I don't even likelicking stamps."


Maybe, if they wereself-adhesive or something.


(scattered laughter)

My mom called the other day,she called the other day,

and we got to reminiscing aboutwhat a ray of sunshine I was

when I was 16 years old, right?

My parents would take mecamping-- that was their thing

they liked to do.

I'm an only child--there was just more time

for us to stare at each other.

And they never took me, like,wilderness camping.

They never did that--they always took me

to some campgroundsomewhere, and...

I don't know if you guyshave ever been

to a campground or not,but it's pretty much

a bunch of people who don't live in a trailer park

yet like to vacation there.


Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah.

A lot of Spuds McKenzieT-shirts.


A lot of drunken retireeseverywhere.

I used to try to fit in,that's what I did.

I just tried... I just kind ofhung out with everybody else

in some lot somewhere,like, "What?!

"Ed caught 40 bluegill?


"Oh, well, pass the dirtyketchup-- this is livin'!

"Yeah. I wonder whatthe poor people are doing.

I don't even know." Yeah.

Yeah. The only thing I likedabout camping was the fact that

you could be drunkand have dirty feet,

and you still had a pretty goodchance of hooking up.

(laughter)I like that, you know.

That's a good vacation. Right?

Give me my good flip-flops--we're going to the rec center.

That is a...that is a good time.