Louis Katz - Vegan Food

Louis Katz Season 15, Ep 14 03/11/2011 Views: 10,792

A good vegan meal is like a good Christian rock band: Even when it's kind of good, it still really sucks. (1:16)

Thanks for coming out.

Uh, so, a-a friendof mine is a vegan.

Uh...- Woo!

- No-- No "Wooo"for that-- No.

If some of you haven'theard yet what a vegan is,

maybe you're visitingfrom out of town, uh...

[audience laughing]

A vegan is a personwho won't eat anything

made by orwith flavor.

[audience laughing]

My vegan - vegan friendgets very excited, though.

He wants meto try his food.

He's like, "Oh, man,you gotta try this.

"It tastes just like turkey,but it's made with tofu.

"They call it tofurkey."

I say, "Nah,I don't gotta try that,

"'cause I alreadyfound something

"that tastesjust like turkey,

"except it'smade with turkey.

"It's called turkey.

[audience laughing]

"The stuff you've got doesn'ttaste like turkey at all.

"It tastes more likethe sad delusions of a man

"who wearspants so tight

"I can make out the expressionon the head of his penis."

[audience laughing]

And it lookslike this.


[audience laughing]

Now, I've had decentvegan food before, though.

But, you know,a good vegan meal

is like a goodChristian rock band.

[laughter and applause]

Even when it's kinda good,it still really sucks.

[audience laughing]