Speedround - A Pretty Sick Seance

11/03/2016 Views: 2

Derek tries to communicate with a presence from beyond, Baron Vaughn has trouble explaining dairy to waiters, and @midnight comedians come up with some #SexySuperheroes.

- Myra Marsh VanPelt lived here.

Are you still here?

If so, let us know.


- I keep having the same conversation at restaurants.

Can't have dairy.

Not 'cause I'm cute, but because it might kill me.

Ooh, what about eggs?

Eggs are not dairy.

But, it's from a farm.

Dairy's from a damn cow.

- Hillary survives Bill's sex scandal,

but now gets a scandal from her top aid's husband,

and it was Bill who married them.

Not to mention that Trump

got his sex scandal from Billy Bush,

who's uncle was defeatedby Hillary's Husband

before Trump laterdefeated his cousin Jeb!


- Tonight's hashtag is sexy superheroes.

- Magneto, oh, oh!

- Points, Dana.(laughter)

- Fappin' America.

- [Chris] Yeah, points!(laughter)

- Vulvarine! (Laughter)