Veronica Mosey - Juicy

Season 1, Ep 0101 08/31/2006 Views: 2,769

Parents shouldn't allow their kids to wear whatever they want. (2:32)

That's something I don't like.

( cheering and applause )

What is with that?

I saw this little girl, um,she had sweatpants on

that had the word "juicy"written across her ass,

like right across her ass.

She was like seven years old.

She's, like, walkingwith her father.

I think any father that allowstheir seven-year-old daughter

to wear sweatpants with the word"juicy" written across her ass

should be put in prisonfor child endangerment.

( applause )


Thank you.

And his orange jumpsuitshould have the word "juicy"

written right across the ass.

( applause )

Over the weekend, you know,

these people wereprotesting the war.

Like, a lot, like, it's a big...

You know, it sucks, right, so...

People were like, "This sucks."

And, um...( laughter )

The thing is, like, I thinkpeople need to kind of, like,

punch up their protestinga little bit.

Because, like,their chants were, like,

kind of, you know, just boring,they were like,

"Two, four, six, eight, downwith anger, down with hate.

"One, three, five, nine,occupation is a crime."

And I was like, okay.

You know, like,the cause is good, but, like,

odd numbers are just not coolto protest to.

( laughter )

Cause, like, two, four, six,eight rhymes with what?


Or "irate."Right?

One, three, five, nine...

Never mind that there'sno seven in there...

( laughter )

Why they take that...

I don't understand that,it just...

It's not really tough, you know?

It's not tough.

And then people are like,"What do we want?"

"Our troops to come home."

"When do we want it?"

"Now," right?

It's always now--

I just think that'sreally unreasonable.

I mean, you know, it's like...

Should be like,"What do we want?"

"Our troops to come home."

"When do we want it?"

"Well, it shouldn't takemore than a year, really."

( laughter )

And then I hate when, like,women who look like men

protest anythingon behalf of women.

( applause and laughter )

I hate that.

( applause )

It's never likesome beautiful woman--

like myself, uh-huh.

No, it's like never...( laughter )

No, it's never like some reallyhot chick who's like, "Women!"

It's always some dumpy chickwith a mullet, you know?

( laughter )And she's like,

( with deep voice ):I think it's awful

that men treat womenas sexual objects.

We're going to spellthe word "women"

"w-o-m-y-n, becausewe don't want "men" in there!

( laughter )


Men aren't really going in there,

so I don't know what the, uh...