Doug Benson - A Gaffigan Interruption - Uncensored

The One with Betrayal Season 1, Ep 6 09/04/2014 Views: 4,938

Before Doug Benson can begin interrupting Jonah and Kumail, Jim Gaffigan offers him way too many words of encouragement. (2:55)

Doug, I just wantedto say "break a leg."

Doug! Doug. Doug.This is cute.

Doug, I want to say "good luck."

Oh, my god!Hey!

It's Doug Benson.Doug Benson, everybody.

Doug! Hey, Doug!

Doug! Doug.

Have a good set.

Oh, thanks, Jim...Jim Gaffigan. Yeah.

Whoa, he's not coming out yet.Yeah.

Doug, you kind of--Well, let's get him out here.

Come on, Jim Gaffigan,everybody.No, no, you do your thing.

Do your thing. I'm reallyexcited to see your set.

Okay, buddy.Go ahead.

I can't wait 'til his turn.

[KUMAIL]That was all scripted.

[JONAH]Stretch? Stretch?

He's saying we gotta stretch,but we haven't even started.

No, I was saying, "I have gum."Oh!

You're the first performerin the history of everythingthat's bumped himself.

Your-- your own performance isbeing delayed by this bullshit.

I won't do it anymore.

Just-- I'm just gonnalet you do your set.

It's interest--Did you say something?

[JONAH]Hey, all right.

Well, that's all the timewe have for Doug.He just--

Thanks so much for coming!Doug Benson, everyone!

Jim just doubled his--

No, no!

Doug is gonna be so mad at me.

Yeah, if he does not stayon stage right now,he's gonna be very angry.

He's gonna fuck with meso bad now, isn't he?

I'm gonna-- well, do you wantthat or not?

I'm just gonna-- no, I don'tknow. It doesn't matter.

He should, I mean, I--but I think that's fun.

That's what he wanted.

That's a first, where the nextact just fucks up everything.

And he's next, like I couldcompletely revenge on his ass.

Are you gonna revengeon his ass?


It's not my style.

It kind of is perfect.I don't betray people.

You just got betrayed.He just betrayed me.

That's my betrayal story.You guys are friends.

One night I came by the Meltdownshow to try to interrupt Jonahand Kumail.

During a taping.

Yeah, it was for television.Yeah.

Like-- and they weregonna pay me to do it.

Ridic--I don't assume I'm gonnaget paid for this.

I think Guild-wisewe have to pay you.

Oh, perfect. Good night!

Doug Benson, everybody.Doug Benson, everybody.

Oh, no, I'm sorry.

No, I--When you were walking out, Ijust was like...

It's funny to like interrupt.

Are they intro-- me?Yeah.

You can fuck with me.What?

You're going on, right?

No, that's the gag, is I wasfucking with them...

and then you fucked with myfucking with them.

So it really became meta, yeah.No way!

The whole gag was I didn't havea set, I was just gonna fuckwith them.

I'm sorry.I didn't know that.