Charla Lauriston - Getting Woke - Uncensored

The One with Meltdown and a Murder Season 3, Ep 8 11/23/2016 Views: 511

Charla Lauriston explains where the term "woke" comes from, describes the moment she realized that she loved America and opens up about a recent health problem. (1:41)

I've recently become.

uh, woke.

I don't know if you guysknow that term.

I just got woke.

If you don't know the term,it's a black Twitter term.

It originated on black Twitter,and basically just, like,

a bunch of black--black people on Twitter

got really angry about, like,

all the injustice that'sgoing on in the country,

and the hashtag is #staywoke,so basically,

you just get, like,really angry about injustice,

and then you justdon't go to sleep,

um, 'cause you're so awake

'cause of everythingthat's going on.

And I got super woke rightbefore I went to India.

I went to India--I was, like,shitting on America so much.

I was just, like,America's garbage.

You know, like,uh, Sandra Bland,

and, uh, Flint Water crisis,this is fucking bullshit.

Two days in India,

and I was like...

♪ God bless

♪ America

Oh, my God, I pledge allegianceto the stands.

Guys, third world countriesare rough.

It was rough.

I'll tell you guysa little bit about me.

I used to be made fun of a lotwhen I was in middle school.

A lot of peopleused to call me an Oreo.

They'd be like,"Charla, you talk white.

"You're white on the insideand black on the outside.

You're an Oreo."

Which I just find so ironic now

because I was recently diagnosed

with a gluten allergy,

which is literallythe whitest ailment,

like, on the planet.