Budget-Friendly Convention Coverage

July 19, 2016 - John Fetterman 07/19/2016 Views: 822

Underfunded reporters Jordan Carlos and Grace Parra look for a cheap alternative to covering the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH. (3:50)

-(applause and cheering)-Welcome back.

Now, for more coverage

of the 2016 RepublicanNational Convention,

we turn nowto Nightly Show contributors

Grace Parra and Jordan Carloswho are live

outside Quicken Loans Arenain Cleveland, Ohio.

-Hey. Yeah. Hello. -Hello,Larry. -(applause and cheering)

-Hi. -Yeah.-Hey, Grace. Hey, Jordan.

So how are things at theRepublican National Convention?

-Oh, um...-Uh, yeah.

We're not at the RepublicanNational Convention, Larry.

We are actually herewith you in the studio.


-Hey, buddy. Hey, buddy. Yeah.-Hiya. How you doing?

-How you doing? Yeah? Yeah.-Yes.

-(applause and cheering)-Yeah. -Yeah.

-(Carlos laughs)-Get it. Get it.

-Uh, yeah. -Killing it.Killing it. -What? How did...?

How did this happen? What...?I don't understand.

Yeah. Don't worry.We did go to a convention.

Yes, yes, yes.

Now, we didn't have the budgetfor the RNC.

-Yeah, you only gave us40 bucks. -Mm-hmm. -Oh.

-(laughter) -So insteadof travelling to Cleveland,

we went down to the Jacob JavitsCenter right here in NY City.

Um... okay.

Um, so what conventiondid you go to?

-Well, actually,we had two options. -Two.

-An auditors convention.-Uh-huh.

And the 2016 Market GlobalFashion Trade Show

for Discerning Menswear Brands.

-(laughter)-(Parra whoops) -Yeah, so good.

-So fun.-Um, we're in the midst

of one of the mostriveting, important elections

this nation has ever seen,

and you wentto an auditor's conference

and a menswear convention?

Look, it may not be the RNC,but I think we made it work.

-I think we did. I think we did.-Yeah.

-Yeah. -Take a look.-WILMORE: All right.

-Oh, my God. This is so fine.-Come on, come on. (mumbles)

Oh, this is huge, Jordan.This is huge for us.

-(Carlos laughs)-This is huge for the show.

-We're gonna act like we've beenhere before. -(Parra mutters)

-Cool.-Cause we are The Nightly Show.

-Perhaps you've heard of us.-We're just cool people...

-11:30 on Comedy Central.-...who know what they're doing.

-Chin energy, chin energy,chin energy. -Hello, my lady.

-Hello.-Hi. How are you?

-Going up to the convention. -Weare headed up to the convention.

-Yes. -♪ Heading upto the convention. ♪

-What's... What are you doing?-Oh, sorry.

-You got a badge? -Do youhave a...? Do you have a...?

Do you have...? Do you...?Um...

-Uh, that...-Uh...

-Nothing's allowed. -Can we,though, go to the convention?

-No. -CARLOS: Can we goto the convention?

You have to have badges.

-Hey. -Can we goto the auditors convention?

I have nothing to do with that.You can check.


-Come on, guys. Let's go. Yeah.-Okay, all right, let's do it.

Let's do it.

If you change your mind, though.

If you've ever seen, like, Guy Code or Nurse Jackie.

Girls. I was on Girls.

Lot of MTV shows.

-Auditors!-Auditors. And looks like

-the road is clear and free.-Let's do it.

The exciting thingabout conventions is that

there is always another oneright around the corner.

-Yeah. -So suck it,menswear convention.

-We don't need you.-We are going to get an audit.

I've always liked auditors.

We're going to remove youright now.

Up the escalators, guys.

Ugh! The shame.

There's a lot of security here.

Is it as tough as what's goingon in Cleveland? Maybe.

Guys, we're being kickedout of here,

because the man is kicking us out.


That...You didn't really mean that.

You did notreally mean that.

He told me to have a good day,

but I can tellhe did not mean that.

I got a little lemon dessert.

-You're a little lemon dessert.-I know.

Oh, I tasted sweet victory,Jordan.

-It was amazing.-Ah, so good.

For The Nightly Show, been Jordan Carlos.

-I'm Grace Parra.-We're out.

Told you it'd be fun, Larry.

(cheers and applause)

-Yeah. Yeah. (whoops)-Yeah. So good.

It's free. Yeah.

-Oh, my gosh.-Guys, uh,

that has to be the single worstpiece of political reporting

I've ever seenin my entire life.

So, how did you spend my $40?

-Well, uh, there was an Uber,two gyros... -Mm-hmm.

...two Snapplesand some Imodium A-D.

And I got to say, that gyro--

that went through melike a goddamn Tomahawk missile.


-Get out of here.-Awful. Just awful.

But Larry, we did bring youa lemon dessert.

-Yeah.-Want it? Want it?

-Uh, I guess.-Eat it!

-Come on!-Oh, it's so tasty.

-Yeah!-Oh, you're gonna love it.

Thank you. I appreciate... Oh.

Oh, so it's yum-yumfor your tum-tum.

Grace Parra and Jordan Carlos,everyone. We'll be right back.

-(applause and cheering)-(indistinct chatter)