Fun with Electromagnetism

The Beast with a Billion Backs Pt. 2 10/19/2008 Views: 20,637

Professor Wernstrom and Professor Farnsworth decide to work together to determine the properties of a mysterious field. (1:46)



(sniffs and clank)

PROFESSOR:Emergency! Emergency!

Everyone to the calamitorium!



Leela, smell this.

Can I wipe it off first?

No time, woman!No time!


Smells like angel dust.


That's a discontinuouselectromagnetic field.

Oh, Wernstrom tried to warn me,but I was too damn stubborn!

Hermes, get Wernstromon the line so I can apologize.


(touch tones sounding)

Ogden Wernstrom speaking.

Tell himI'm not here!


Oh, very well.

Wernstrom, I've beena vainglorious fool!

If you can find itin your heart to forgive me--

your tiny little heart--

would you considera scientific collaboration?

Sir, I'd be honored.

As I attempted to warn you,

the lawsof electromagnetism

change abruptly at the anomaly.


Play time is fun time.

Not this time.

(explosion, glass breaking)

My heavens!

If only I'd heeded your warning,

I'd have known it was impossibleto cross the barrier!

Ah, but note what happenswhen I instead

throw this laboratory koala.


PROFESSOR:It passed through unharmed.


So living beings can enterthe other universe,

but electrical devices can't?

My hypothesis exactly.

Then we must mount a secondexpedition without delay.

Right after we blow upmore robots.Agreed.

(multiple screams and pops)