The Hatchet Control Debate

Annulment Season 2, Ep 2 06/22/2016 Views: 4,696

After his hatchet-induced trauma, Albert questions whether it does more harm than good to allow hatchets in Bellacourt Manor. (1:31)

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- All the times my armacted up,

I thought it was because ofother stressful things

like bathing aloneor being served

the wrong kind of tapioca.

But now I think back on it,

every incidentwas hatchet induced.

You know, I probably wouldn'teven be in this predicament

if there weren't so manyhatchets in this house.

I think we should justget rid of them.

- But, Albert,you don't understand.

I like hatchets.- I know you do.

But you live with a manwho doesn't have the capacity

to be around one safely.

I mean, how many peopleand servants have to die

before we realizeenough is enough?

- Wait, so you're sayingI should give up my hatchets

just because they causesome people to act violently?

- Yes, that's exactlywhat I'm saying.

- So what?First you take my hatchets,

then you take my buzzsaws.What's next?

My timber jigs?

Then how am I supposed tochop beaver carcasses

or defend myself in a mutiny?

- You can use a gun to mutiny.

- That would take foreverto load.

- Darling, I'm just sayingthat I think this house

would be a lot safer,especially my misbehaving hand,

if we got ridof the hatchets.

Or institute some kindof waiting period

so I can get my head onstraight.

- Albert, that's crazy.

Every man, some children,and me

should be armedwith a hatchet.

I mean, think about it.If you'd had a hatchet,

you could have killed yourattacker before he killed you.

- I'm not dead.He didn't kill me.

- Or you could have thrownyour hatchet

at Frederick's hatchetand stopped it in mid-air.

The no one would have died.- No one did die.

- Either way, the point ishatchets don't kill people.

People without hatchets dobecause they basically

kill themselvesby not having hatchets.

Think about it.

Have you ever seen a dead bodywith a hatchet in its hand?

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