A Word From President George W. Bush (Will Ferrell)

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Former President George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) opens up to Chris about his feelings on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election. (8:55)

Every week on our showduring the election process,

we like to talk to a differentsegment of the American populous

to get their takeon this year's election.

Here to represent the smallbut formidable voting block

of former presidentsof the United States of America

is former president ofthe United States of America,

George W. Bush.

-(applause and cheering)-(presidential fanfare plays)

(applause and cheering swell)

Nice to see you, Chris.

Nice to see you, too.Thank you for coming.

How are you?

Glad to be here.Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

You're a very distinguishedpanel. Yeah.

Yeah. How are you?How are you?

How are you?How are you?

Had a...

-(applause and cheering)-Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for coming,Mr. President.

Very nice to have you here.

Hello, Chris.

Hello, my fellow Americans.

And hello, people of online,especially...

especially @weedboner69.


He's a funny guy, Chris.

-You should have him on.-All right, well,

we'll definitely consider that,but I have to say,

it is a real honorto have you on this program.

This legitimizes what we dohere. Thank you for coming.

Well, thank you. Thank you.First of all, Chris,

I'd just liketo just say something

-about my cousin Billy Bush.Uh... -(laughter)

He's been in the news a lotlately, uh,

him and that disgraced pumpkin,Donald Trump, uh,

talking on that bus.

And I... I just... I just wantto say one thing.

-We Bushes don't act like that,okay? -(laughter)

We, uh... we have standards.

And we're, uh, we're raiseda certain way.

And we would never,

under any circumstances,

ride a bus.

You know, whenyou're-when you're a Bush,

you ride in a limousineor a Jumpjet.

Or maybe a monster truckcalled Sasquatch Express.

But, uh, you know,

never a bus.It-it boggles the mind.

Yeah, well, listen, there'sa very important distinction,

and I... you know,it's too bad we didn't

find out about that earlier,but a lot of Republicans

have come outagainst Donald Trump, so...

People are confusedabout where you stand.

Where do you stand?

Well, I'll tell you what,Chris, uh,

this-this dunderhead is makingme look great, you know?


I mean, did-did you seewhere I.. where I hugged

Michelle Obama a few weeks ago?

-You see that?-Well, I...

I see where she's almostkind of making a snarky face

and trying to hug you, butyou're not really giving back.

I mean, I'm-I'm kindof affectionately

-leaning into her, like, "Aw..."-Yeah, I guess maybe

a little bit, yeah, you're...

giving her a little lean,but she's sort of...

I think we're bothfeeling like, "This is nice."

I don't know if that...I mean, the look on her face

is sort of like, "Can you(bleep) believe this over here?"

I mean, it's, like, a little...It seems... I...

You know what, though,I don't want to take it away.

I guess it is a sweet moment,it's a sweet moment.

Well... well, it was.

And, uh, I don't know why

you're-you're tryingto debunk it.

-It was a sweet moment.-No, I'm not. I apo...

-Sorry, I apologize.-And let's face it--

the Internet ate it up like a...like a two-for-one deal

at the Cheesecake Factory.

Which, by the way,is a good restaurant

with terrific snacksand appetizers.

And I recommendtheir cheesecake, Chris.

Oh, well.Good recommendation.


I mean, ev-everyone...you go to Cheesecake Factory,

-why-why dick around, you know?-Yeah, it's good. Don't...

-Just go right...-Just go right to it,

-Just go right to it.-Yeah, yeah. I mean...

-There's no reason...-No, you're right,

you're absolutely right.It's not...

It's not Chicken Factory

-or Steak Factory.-Exactly.

-You're the only onewho gets it, man. -Yeah.

-I'm upset now.-I mean, I...

That picture was so cute,even I almost forgot

about how I invaded Iraqover WMDs that weren't there.

I destabilizedan entire region, Chris,

but... but no oneseems to care anymore.

And, uh...

thanks to the-the bozoTrump here,

uh, yeah,

folks have forgotten abouthow I tanked the economy

or how I-I didn'tget bin Laden.

Heck, you know, Kanye West evensaid I hated hurricanes.

But... all forgotten now.

-You know? -All gone.Yeah, it's all good, so...

Okay, so, this is aninteresting thesis statement.

You're saying Trumpis improving your image.

So, does that... does that meanthat you're supporting him?

He-he's a-he'sa dangerous man, Chris.

And, uh, back in Texas,where I'm from,

bo-born and raised...

you don't talk about womenthe way he does.

We-we got a... got a funnykind of justice down there.

Uh, some might even sayit's illegal.

But, uh, but if he ever

tried jammin' hisTic Tac-covered cow tongue

down a lady's throat in Texas,

we'd give him what we callthe Amarillo steak and eggs.

That's where, uh,that's where you cook him up

a nice T-bone steak,medium rare,

with scrambled eggsand a side of grits,

and then you drag himwith your truck.

-HARDWICK: Oh, okay. All right.-Yeah.

Good to know.That's just what...

That's how...that's how they do it.

And now he's sayingthe election's rigged.

The only thing that's rigged

is-is that stuffed chupacabraon top of his head.

I don't know howhe keeps it on there,

but I-I sure hopeHillary knocks it off.

-(cheering, applause) -Yeah.-HARDWICK: Oh. Oh, well, that...

Okay, that's...that's really interesting.

So that-so that meansyou're endorsing Hillary, then?

Well, I... well, eh... I...

Look... I'm notthe decider, Chris.

Yeah, I know, but I just...I feel like so many Bushes

have alreadyindicated their support,

including your daughterBarbara Bush,

your wife Laura Bush,

your father and former presidentGeorge H.W. Bush,

Gavin Rossdale,the lead singer of Bush,

the dog fromthe Bush's Baked Beans ad,

almost every roller coasteroperator at Busch Gardens,

this Bush near the I-80outside Akron.

So... what aboutthis last square here?

What about George W. Bush? Areyou endorsing Hillary?

What are you doing?

-Look at my wife's hat.-Well...

That wa... I-I wasasking if you're...

-She looks almost Britishy,you know? -Yeah, yeah, she...

She-she looks very Britishy,but I-but I was asking

-who you're supporting, and...-I'm sorry, Chris,

-I wasn't paying attention.I was just... -Okay.

...meresmerized by my...

She... It look likeshe'd be part of the cast

-of Downton Abbey. -Yeah, shedoes. Yeah, she definitely...

looks like the castof Downton Abbey.

I-Is it a hat that you wouldthink maybe a president

that you might want to see

in the White Housewould wear, or...

I still don't knowwhat you're driving towards.

-Uh...-Okay, all right.

I'll take world history for 400.

All right.


Very fair. Okay.

World history it is.

In the 2016presidential election,

George W. Bushendorsed this candidate.

Look, Chris...

if Trump takes this thing,

Laura and I havea very comfortable

underground bunkerwe can move to, okay?

It's got a mini fridgefor snacks and sodas

and a much largerwalk-in freezer

with thousandsof Hungry-Man dinners.

Uh, we have every season

of Just Shoot M on DVD,

so I'm gonna be down therewith, uh, Princess Kate

and Nolan Ryanwhile society gets overrun

by wild dogs and racists.

My advice isdon't let that happen, America.

Don't let thatsack of rotten sweet potatoes

anywhere near the White House,you know?

-HARDWICK: All right, so...-(cheering, applause)

I mean, those arevery strong words.

So, that's a yes for Hillary?

Truth be told, I have...

I have a-a strictno-endorsement policy

since I got burned on a dealbefore I was governor of Texas.

-Oh, yeah.-Yeah.

Yeah, I remember that.

I mean, I loved...I loved them dang pants.

-Yeah. -It's hard not to, andyou now you have a lot of 'em.

President George W. Bush, thankyou so much for being here.

Uh, do you have time to stickaround and play a game with us

-after the break?-Of course I've got time.

-What-what do you thinkI'm doing here, Chris? -Okay.

-(cheering, applause)-All... all I have...


I mean, literally,

all I have is time.

I mean, you're gonna be luckyif I even leave today.

Okay, well, I...

I'm glad you're sticking around.We're happy to have you here.

We'll be right back withformer president George W. Bush

and more @midnight. Stick around.