Hampton Yount - Different Body, Same Life

Hampton Yount Season 4, Ep 2 08/22/2015 Views: 2,023

Hampton Yount describes how he copes with depression and explains that losing weight didn't make him happier. (1:22)

Depression is-is real, you know?

It's hard.

I-I was, uh,about two years ago,

I was 100 pounds heavier.

Uh, all bone.

Just massive surgeries.

No. (laughs)

Just fibrous tumorslike the Elephant Man.

No, I was fat.I was a big fat guy.

Uh, and I got that fat'cause I was eating,

like, two Big Macs,fries and Coke a day.

Like, I was just trying to writea suicide note with receipts.

Like, "They'll figure it out.They-they'll see what's wrong."

So now, like,it's been this kind of,

uh, little bit of a life change,

but then people now, my friends,they're like,

"Whoa, what's it like?

"Oh, my God,it must be so different.

Life must be so different now."

It's the same. It's the same.

If you've ever wondered,I'm here to tell you.

If you've ever wonderedwhat it'd be like

to, like, get really gluttonous

and, like, just go out ofcontrol, like, gain a lot...

Or if you're like, uh, you know,

you got a lot,and you want to lose a bunch.

If you've ever wondered,it's the same.

I'm here to tell you,having four chocolate sundaes

is as good as (bleep)a stranger.

Like, it's literally the samepart of your brain...

(imitates explosion)


And you're like, "No one canknow about this shit."


Depression's like a horror movie

in that you... you know,you're fat and you're sad,

and you're like,"Oh, I'm sad because I'm fat."

And then you lose the fat, andyou're like, "That wasn't it.

The calls are comingfrom inside the house."