Grover for H.N.I.C. - Uncensored

Class President Season 1, Ep 6 10/26/2016 Views: 1,822

Grover's convinced to run for student body president after seeing Cindy cozy up to one of the other candidates. (1:12)

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- I'm just saying,Milk does the booty good.

- Really?'Cause I got a good booty.

Oh, a drone.- What the fuck?

I was just aboutto smash, too.

[laughter and awed murmurs]

- Y'all dudes from Devry High

better stoptaking all our beezys.

- What can I say, ese? Hoes love drones, holmes.

- Hey, man,fuck Devry.

- Hey, fellas,it's election season.

I hope I cancount on your vote.

- Fuck no.Last time I voted,

Fantasia lost.- Well, all righty.

all: [laughing]

- What kind of lamewould want to run

for Class President?

You knowhe don't get no ass.

- Hey, Craigery,love your feminist platform.

It would be so awesometo have a women's history class.

- I think we need women's lit,feminist science,

and CLAM,Clitoris Awareness Month.

- I'd love to hear more.We should do lunch.

- Yo, homey,you need to make a move.

President Skidmark'bout to beat you

to Cindy's ballot box.

- Excuse me, everybody,I'd like to announce

my candidacyfor student body president.

Vote for me for HNIC.[crowd cheers]

Ya'll hear that?They love me.

Your boy's going to bepresident real soon.

[crowd chanting]Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk!