Larry's Favorite Segments - Gang Members on the Baltimore Protests

August 16, 2016 - Quinta Brunson 08/16/2016 Views: 1,086

Larry revisits his sit-down with a group of gang members who called an unprecedented truce during the racially charged protests against police violence in Baltimore, MD. (8:38)

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So, tonight, here's whatwe thought we'd do tonight.

We thought we'd look backat two of our favorite segments.

And we s... we started offour show thinking

all the good bad racial stuffwas done already, right?

But apparently we were wrong.

And we've covered racefrom just about every angle

you can think of, right,

from out of control,barrel roll cops...

It was a pool party!

He didn't have to barrel roll.

Right? To awkwardly racistgraduations.

(groaning, shouting)

How could you not lovethat lady? Come on.

"Look who's leaving,all the black people."

Mwah. So good.

We even taught you about thecultural phenomenon that happens

when black people watcha magic trick.


Open it. Open it.


That's right. That's right.

We taught you that, man.

We taught you that.

That was us!

-(cheering and applause)-That's right.

That, of course,is called black reacting.

It's true.And once people understand

that all black peopleare scared of magic,

um..., we are on our wayto global racial harmony

is what I'm trying to say.

That's all I'm trying to say,you guys, okay?

But our favorite moment,uh, last year

was a piece we didduring the riots in Baltimore.

Uh, I sat down at a dinerwith some rival gang members

who had just called a truce.Take a look.

All right, I'm herewith some of the brothers

who are here in Baltimore,

here during all the uprising,the unrest.

Have you guys eaten? Have youlooked at the menu? Do you want

-to just order something?-I already know what I want.

Can we have a waitress in here?

All right, so, I want to knowwho brought you guys together.

Well, I knew this brothera long time.

-Uh-huh.-I knew this brother

-a long time.-How long have you known him?

About, like, four years.

-Going on four years.-Four years.

In gang time,that's, like, 18 years.

-MAN: Yeah.-Right. -MAN 2: Yeah.

-Right. Right.-Like a decade.

So, are you guys in the same

organization,or a different organizations?

No, me and him are inthe same organization.

-Same organization. Okay.-Yeah.

-They're the same, we'rethe same. -You're the same.

-You're the same.-Yup.

You're not in the organization.

-He's with us.-I'm cool with everybody.

-Right. -You're coolwith everybody, right.

-He's cool with everybody.-He's a good person.

So you guys have called a truce.

Wait. Is it a truce or a treaty?

It didn't haveto be, like, ratified

by congressor anything like that? -No.

-No. -Man, we didn't have atruce... -It's not the standard.

'Cause John Boehner'san asshole.

I'll tell you right now.

You don't have to gothrough that process.

We didn't have a truceor a treaty.

We just had men respecting menas man, and we carried it

-just like that.-Yeah.

I was walking,and we was all in a pack.

-We was walkingdown Fulton Avenues. -Uh-huh.

And one of the Blood homies--they stepped on my shoe.

And I looked at him,and I was like, "Yeah, you know,

"three days ago,I'd have hit you

in your mouth for that,"and he smiled.

-And we hugged.-And three days from now,

things might be back to normal,

-and you can hit himin his mouth again. -No.

-We're not going back.-We good. We good.

We're not going back.We're going forward.

So, that's good.The truce is good.

It's forever now, right?

-Is that what we're saying?-I mean... -As far as us.

-We can't speak for the wholecountry. -Yeah, we... yeah.

-Right. -As far as Baltimore...-We speak for us.

-What we're doing, this iswhat we're doing. -Right.

-We start with us.-Where do you guys think

the angerin the community comes from?

Where do you thinkthat comes from?

You know, the analogyI've been using

for the last coupleof days, is...

All right, you see this corner

-on this menu right here?-Mm-hmm.

-This is a corner.-That's the corner.

-Here's a person.This is you. -Right.

-All right, there's only so farback into this corner... -Wait.

...that you can push mebefore I have to push back.

-Right. -That's what happened.They pushed back.

And that's what a lot of Americacan't relate to right now.

-They don't understand thatpushback, man. -Of course not.

If you live in a million-dollarhouse, how can you relate

-to living in the hoodgetting pushed? -Yeah.

-You're good. -Right.-You're sitting on a yacht.

-So you can't understand whatwe're going through. -Mm-hmm.

Same as,when you be like, "Hey, man,

I got to pay my property tax."I can't relate to that.

-Right. -I've never paidproperty tax before.

So understand that. We just need them to understand that.

Well, let me tell you about...

I'll tell you about the angerof the property tax.


So let's say this ismy million-dollar house, okay?

-Uh-huh. -And the property taxis pushing me into this corner.

-That's when I get angry, right?-(laughing): Yeah.

-That's when I burst.-And you call a lawyer.

A lot of peoplecan't relate to that.

You call a lawyer,and you push back!

-That's exactly right. Right?-Exactly.

-And then my lawyer gets angry.-Exactly what I'm saying. Right.

-And he pushes...-And then it's a vicious cycle.

Have you guys ever stoppedsomebody from doing something?

-Yes. -Last night. -I mean, likephysically stopped somebody

-from throwing something?-Man, I whupped somebody's ass.

-Did you?-Yeah. (bleep)

The people that came up onNorth Avenue and Pennsylvania...

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm. -They're noteven from around there.

-...wasn't from there. -They'renot even from around there.

So there were people who weren'teven from around there

-that were doing things?-It was little kids.

-It was also people that was...-Mm-hmm. How old were they?

-High school. -They was in highschool, like, middle school.

-Mm-hmm. -That's...All them-- they started it.

-High school, young kids.-I saw Jon Stewart out there.

-You saw Jon Stewart out there.-Yeah.

-I'm standingin front of the store. -Right.

Me and a couple of homies.Me, him. Well...

All right, okay, Scooby,couple homies

standing in front of the store.Okay, what happened?

All right, Jon Stewartis right behind us.

Jon Stewartis right there behind.

Jon Stewart is not here.Trust me. Trust me on that.

All right, now, look, right,now we standing there.

He's nowhere to be foundin this scenario.

So the police pull upin their tank.

-They were in a tank? -Yeah.-So they threw...

-Like one of those big Humvees,right? -Yes.

Then they jumped out with theirassault rifles, and I'm like...

-Right.-..."Man, this is Call of Duty.

-"(bleep) going on here?"-Black ops?

-Black ops.-Yeah. Two.

-Black ops. Two.-White ops in this case, right.

-(laughing): White ops.-No, it's still black ops.

-It's still black ops.-Now, look. -So they jumped out.

They did. They pointedtheir guns and all that,

and then, out of nowhere, I gethit with a concussion grenade.

I get holesall in my favorite hoodie.

Yeah. He threw it towards us.

Wait. This happened last week?

This past week? You got hitwith a concussion grenade?

No, just the other day,like two days ago.

-Two days ago. -They threw itright towards him,

and we're protecting the stores.We're protecting it.

-It hit right in the ribs. -Wemaking sure there's not looting.

-And we ran through the alleyto the projects... -Mm-hmm.

...made sure everyone else wasokay, and went right back...

-Right back to that our post and linked arms

-and made sure nobody gotin that store. -Wow, wow.

They set one police car on fire,

and we stopped them from settingthe other car on fire.

Now, would you guys ever meetwith the police and, uh...

-Dude, we've talked to... -Oh,you've talked to the police?

Every day we walk rightpast them and talk to them,

ask them, "Are you good?You need water? You all right?"

What was their reaction?What was their reaction?

-They brung them food. -Oh,yeah, they did bring us food.

-They brung them food last...-They brought you food?

-Yeah, they brought...-That's nice.

I couldn't eat them sandwiches,right, because it was...

it had pork, so I had about,like, five bags of chips.

Well, I-I could doa pig joke here, but I'm not.

-(laughter) -That's allI'm saying, all right?

What isthe most surprising thing

-that's come out of all of this?-All the positive people

-coming together.-Mm-hmm.

We was for one common cause.

Like, it-it was beautiful.

Do you guys have hope?

-Of course. -Of course.-What else do we got?

Mm-hmm. You have hope, Shawn?

That's the only thing you haveto have if you want to progress.

Hold on, Sean.I think we have...

I think we have pie comingright now.

-(laughter)-Yeah. -Pie? -Pie.

Okay, uh,Sean doesn't like pork,

so make sure Seandoesn't get the pork.

Well, you guyshave really been great.

I really appreciate you havingthis conversation with me.

Um, is there any other thingthat you would like to say

either to America,to people watching this program?

Yeah, I want everybody to keeptheir hope, and stay peaceful.

-Mm-hmm.-I mean, when-when they hear

the police verdict, um...Friday, don't give up,

'cause that'snot the last investigation.

-Right. -There's a lot moreinvestigations after that.

-Right.-So keep the hope.

Are we splitting this six ways?

-I just want to knowhow we're doing this. -Yeah.

You guys don't have,like, a... like, a...

You don't have, like,a corporate credit card

that you use...?

(cheering, applause)

We'll be right back.