Joe Wengert - You're Wrapped

Joe Wengert Season 3, Ep 12 07/18/2014 Views: 5,370

Joe Wengert shares the game he invented that allows him to silently dismiss people from his life. (2:08)

Alright, you guys are in fora real treat right now

because I'm gonna teach youhow to play a game

that I have invented.

Um, it's called You're Wrapped.

And this is the way it works.

You guys are familiarwith the concept

of background actors, right?

You know, when you're watchinga movie or a TV show,

all the peoplein the background?

Well, there'sone person in charge

of background actors on set,

and that person's calledthe second A.D.

And they tellall the background actors

where to go and what to do.

And then when they're donewith a background actor,

they will dismiss them forthe day by walking up to them

and going,"You're wrapped for the day."


When you play the gameYou're Wrapped,

you pretendthat your entire life

is a movie or a TV show,

and nowyou are the second A.D.

And all those people

on the periphery of your life,

all those people that you see

and you notice them,

but if it's within your power,

you are not goingto interact with them,

I want you to startjust silently

dismissing those peoplefrom your life.

You will have a balldoing this.

(audience cheering)

And what I want to do

right now is

I want to sharewith you guys a list

of some of the people

that I have recently wrapped

from the productionof my own life.

These are real people

that I have really seen, okay?

So, construction crew,you guys are wrapped!


big group of middle schoolersrunning cross-country,

you guys are wrapped.

Dog walker with too many dogs,

and you're getting overwhelmed

by the dogs, you're wrapped.

Old man with leathery skin

sitting at the outside partof a coffee shop,

and you're making a posterfor something

using colored pencils,

you're wrapped.

Black Hulk Hogan,

you're wrapped.