Roast Battle II: New York Regionals - Luis J. Gomez vs. Kerryn Feehan - Exclusive

Roast Battle II: New York Regionals Season 2, Ep 1 01/01/2017 Views: 5,559

Real-life couple Luis J. Gomez and Kerryn Feehan bring their fighting to the stage during New York City's Road to Roast Battle. (1:49)

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- Kerryn, do everyone afavor and stop tanning.

(Kerryn gasps)

You have the complexionof an overcooked turkey.

You remind me of Thanksgiving,

and your stuffing is made up completely of black dicks.

(Kerryn laughs)

My name is Luis J. Gomez

and I am battling my girlfriend Kerryn Feehan.

- This is the most romanticthing Luis and I have ever done.


I'm really excited to be roast battling

my Puerto Rican boyfriend.

'Cause, you know, usually he's the one beating me in public.

(audience laughs)

I think tonight's roast battle is going

to be the last night of our relationship.

And I'm really excited about that.

I can't wait.

- Overall at home, we just haven't really been talking.

I've been ignoring her for the most part.

I tried to have sex with her sister a couple times.

She didn't really bite on that.

(audience laughing)

- My favorite thing about kissing Luis

is getting to taste Jeff Ross's dick.

- [Audience] (laughing) Ooohhh!

- What made you guys two comics fall for each other?

What happened?

- She made an appearancedrunk on my podcast.

And she called me a fat faggot,

and I threw a glass of water in her face.

(audience laughs)

- That's how love happens.

- Yeah.

- That's how love happens in comedy.

- I think his strategy, first he had to learn to read.

And then he had to find out some things about me.

We've been dating for a year.

- You are very pretty, and we still like you.

You, chubby spic. You're good too.

(audience laughs)

I feel as if you might've taken it a little easy on her

'cause you got love in your heart.

- Not even slightly.

I wanted to make her cry on the show.

- Why would that be?

- You should have proposed.

(everyone laughs)

- We're breaking up, obviously.

- Well, I have a Tinder date set up right after this.

I'm leaving in a few minutes.

- It's probably a [bleep].

He loves going out to dinner with [bleep].

- Can't say [bleep] on TV, babe.


- [Crowd] Battle!