Going to Boston

Jews and Samoans Rule Seattle Season 1, Ep 10 12/30/2013 Views: 1,479

Brody prepares for his trip to Boston where he will tape his episode of The Half Hour. (2:01)

Name in light.Believe it.

What do you thinkabout that, Boston?


I have a half hour special.

I mean,I need to be confident...

in front of these cameras,and do well.

In Boston, I'm not in LA.I can't do LA references.

What can I say thatis allowed in Boston?

I can't do 818 'til I die.

That's a local reference.

I can't do San Fernando Valley.

I was down on Olympicand Laurel Canyon.

Yo, that's a bigopportunity for me.

13 years of preparation,for 21 minutes of material...

commercials included.You got it!

Yes!Yes! Push!

You got it! Say goodbye to theValley, and hello,Massachusetts.

I'm proud of you, Brody.Very, very proud of you.

I'm proud of me.

Yeah, we have a guy that istrying to pick up teenagers witha tambourine.

Come on, do your Boston accent.

Pahk ya cah in the garage.

That just soundslike somebody who's deaf.

Pahk ya cah in the Boston yard.Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard is in London.

The Sox.

Going to Boston! Yes!