Donald Trump Plans to "Keep America Great"

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 01/18/2017 Views: 231

Donald Trump has turned a horror movie tagline into his 2020 campaign slogan, so Erin Gibson, Bryan Safi and Judah Friedlander offer suggestions for a new one. (1:21)

President-Elect Donald Trump

will be taking officeimmediately

and then heading offto vacation this weekend,

but he's already got his eyeon 2020.

In an interviewwith the Washington Post,

Trump saidhe's looking forward

to trademark his next campaignslogan, which is not gonna be,

"Do svidaniya, American comrades."


In 2020, he plans to runwith "Keep America Great,"

showing just how confident he is

that there will still bean America

-in four years.-Nah. -(laughter)

But people onlinewere quick to point out

that they'd heard that phrasesomewhere before.

Oh, yes. "Keep America Great"

was the taglinefor the third installment

-of The Purge: Election Year. -Oh, my God.

(laughter, applauseand cheering)

But at least he has a consistentvision for this country.

-So comedians...-(laughter and groaning)

...since that motto might needto change, what's another

movie-inspired sloganfor Trump's 2020 campaign?

-Bryan. -You want the truth? I can't handle the truth.

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: All right. Very good.


Very good.

Erin Gibson.

I'm just a girlstanding in front of a boy,

asking him to please notget us into a war with China.

-(laughter, applause, cheering)-All right, points. Points.

-Judah Friedlander.-Uh,

Toto, we're not in Kansas.

Uh, we're in Canada.