Joe Zimmerman - Meeting God

Joe Zimmerman Season 3, Ep 14 07/25/2014 Views: 8,745

Joe Zimmerman wonders what it would be like to finally meet God. (1:11)

but his eyeswould be blurred out.

"Welcome to heaven, Joe.

Aren't you sad you can't seemy sweet eyes?"

"Why are your eyes censored,God?

Are-are your eyes nipples?"

"No, Joe, they aren't nipples.

"They're corporate logos.

Don't you wishyou knew which ones?"

"Nike swooshes?"

"No, but I wouldn't tell you."

"Are they McDonald's arches?"

"No, but that's a good guess."

"Apple Computer apples?"


"You sounded differenton that one, God."

"Oh, pickle sticks, you got me.

They're apples.Welcome to the iCloud."


Why, thank you.