Paul F. Tompkins - Beta Only Pt. 3

Ali Wong, Travon Free, Paul F. Tompkins Season 4, Ep 7 09/06/2013 Views: 8,670

Paul F. Tompkins has the impossible task of deciding whether he should go home or finish his last shift at the video store. (1:14)

The manager said,"Listen,

"you've been taking too muchtime off

"to do these stand-upcomedy shows,

so we have to let you go."

And this was true,because, folks,

at that pointin our nation's history

there was a stand-upcomedy boom happening.

Stand-up comedy was everywhere.It was all over TV.

There were three major clubsin Philadelphia alone.

All this workin the suburbs.

Any bar that hadan open corner

would stick a microphonein there.

It was a great wayfor everybody to make money,

and it was going to bethat way forever!

So the manager said,

"Well, you havetwo options.

You can either go homeright now--"

Ding-ding-ding.I was out the door.

Why would I ever stick around tohear the end of that sentence?

Yeah, you know what?

I guess I owe it to you guyshere at Beta Only.

Finish outmy last shift.

I don't want to leave you guyshigh and dry.

What if there's a rush...

and Joan comes in?