Sean Patton - Psychological Warfare

Season 2, Ep 16 06/22/2013 Views: 3,126

Sean Patton knows exactly what needs to be done when you find yourself in an unwinnable fight. (1:23)

It's a comedy show,I'm trying to be funny.

No, I'm trying to educate you.This is a weapon.

You ever about to get ina fight, the guy's too big,

too mean, you don't thinkyou can take him down?

It's psychological warfare time.

Get inside their head.

If they're, like,"Come on, bitch,"

and you're, like, "Bring it!"

(scattered whooping)

They're not gonna wantto fight you!

They're not gonna wantto fight you at all!

They're gonna be terrifiedof you.

They're gonna be, like,

"Oh, shit, is he gonna lick me?


"Do I want him to lick me?


"I can't fight him.

I gotta go fight this desire."