Rob Corddry - A Simple Premise and a Good Time with "Office Christmas Party"

December 15, 2016 - Rob Corddry 12/15/2016 Views: 1,871

Actor Rob Corddry talks about working on the HBO series "Ballers" with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and discusses his holiday film "Office Christmas Party." (5:16)

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Please welcome Rob Corddry!

(cheering and applause)

(clears throat)

I do have a couple more linesin the film than that.

You have many more linesin the film.

But nobody delivers a "wow"like I do.

That was a good "wow."

It wasn't a bad one.I had better ones.

They were...They did a lot of takes.

Thank you so muchfor being here. Welcome.

You know, what's weird is,it's welcome back.

This is one of the few guestswhere he's not...

Every guest hangs outin a green room,

and then todayRob Corddry's here

and then I go to the gr...He's not there.

And he's, like,running through the building.

-'Cause this is, like, yourhome. -This is my family here.

-Yeah. -You're justrunning around to everyone.

I know so many people here, and,uh, I-I love coming back here.

-I love coming back here.-We love having you, man.

I'm not gonna leave.

No, I... no, I thinkwe enjoy the visit.

-I'm not gonna leave. -I thinkthe visit is what makes it...

I think...You might enjoy a stay.

No, I... Well, I would love it,but I think what is cool

-is when you goand then you come back. -Yeah.

-An extended stay.-But, like, for short extended.

-Indefinite, let's call it.-Yeah.

But definitely leavingand then coming back.

Definitely something.

You are one of the few peoplewho's had a good 2016.

I hate you for that.

-You've had a good 2016.-Have I?

Ballers, second season came out.

-Yeah.-Anyone watch Ballers?

-That's an amazing show.-(cheering and applause)

You are really funnyin that show.

-Thank you. -Yeah.You-you play a sports agent

who just doesn't seemto get things right.

-Yeah. -But you area very funny person.

My favorite-favorite sceneof all

-was when you said the N-wordat a party. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ooh, boy, God.

So, that scene,

there was 250,mostly, African-American extras

-in the crowd.-Yes.

-And they didn't know I wasgonna say the N-word. -Oh, geez.

And so I believe

the reaction-- that reactionyou see in the show--

is the first takeof them hearing that.

-Because everyone goes...-Uh, yeah,

no, they were like,"Uh-uh, cut."

They're like...

-"Cut." -That's what made...You know what, your character's

so awkward, and what's great...what's great is that

you-you getto play opposite, uh,

the Rock, Dwayne Johnson.What is that like?


CORDDRY:Come on, man.

I mean, come on, right?

This is about Corddryright here. This is our...

-this is our time together.-Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no,

I didn't mean... I don't meanthat in a bad... Like, I'm just

saying... Like, it is about you.I'm just saying, like,

how does it feel to be,like, opposite, like, the Rock?

Like, you... like,you're acting with the Rock.

You could get him in here,and-and... and maybe someday you

can ask him how it feels to be,uh, acting with me, you know?

-(cheering and applause)-That...

No, no, I'm not hooking that up.

-Oh.-No. I'm not hooking that up.

Oh, I thought...I thought you were offering

-to bring the Rock to the show.-No. No.

-Which was really exciting.-No, we're...

This is a...this is an intensive interview

-about my, uh, process.-It's-it's all about you. Okay.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry,let's go back.

-Let's talk about Rob Corddry.-God.

Let's talk about the moviethough. Uh,

Office Christmas Party. I got to watch it,

-which I really enjoyed,-Yeah.

-because it is just insane.-It's really funny.

It is... it is a story...I mean,

it's a really simple premise,

-but that's what makes it fun.-Yeah, exactly.

-Don't go looking fora head-scratcher here. -Yes.

It's-it's, uh... Yeah.

This is all about...this is all about laughs.

The... I mean, the fart,for-for instance... -Yes.

-Is that a real fart,by the way? -Yes.

Kate McKinnon is a-a...

-I mean, a comedy genius.-Yes, she is.

And she is... she is...Uh, her talent, uh,

surpasses my, even,uh, you know,

being able to define it.

-And she can fart on cue.-No ways.

No ways.

She can make her body fart

-when she wants to.-No ways. No.

Can I tell you, I went to a k...I went to school with a kid

who said he could do that,but what he didn't tell us

he was doing was (bleep)ingin between.

That's not a s... Like, no onecan have that as a skill.

-I don't believe that. Are youserious? -No, that wouldn't fly.

That wouldn't f...Yeah. And it's just...

She did it a different wayevery time,

and she was just cracking us upand then farting.

So we'd start laughingbefore the fart was coming.

Um... so-so,

probably, maybe,by the end, like, take 20,

uh, you know,she had to fake it a little bit.

But, um... uh...

We're all wonderingwhat that means.

-Faking. Oh, uh, no. -I couldfeel... All of us were like,

-"What does that mean?"-You-you Hollywood it.

You got to... You-you Hollywoodit. You just go like this.

-Ah, okay. -And then we letit... We fix it in post.

What-what do you think's harder,faking a cry or faking a fart?

-Hotter? Like sexier?-No, h... N-No.

-Wow, that's a great question.-No.

-That's a great question.-No.

What is sexier?

Um... Yeah, I mean, well,it depends on what you're into,

-of course. But I'd say...-How... L...

I'd say, personally, farting.Fake... Uh, yeah.

-That-that... -I was...I was saying "harder,"

-but-but thanks for that answeranyway. -It's so weird

the way you say that. "Harder."

(both laugh)

The movie's super funny. Thankyou so much for coming back.

-Thank you, man. -Office Christmas Party's

in theaters now.Rob Corddry, everybody!