Jay Mohr - Kickball

Case, Yee, Mohr Season 2, Ep 26 05/26/1993 Views: 4,592

If you miss the kickball, you don't have a place to sit at lunch for the rest of your life. (1:12)

I miss like thirdgrade because you

could kill people in dodge ball.

Remember the rulesto dodge ball?

If you were fat orhad glasses, don't

show up because you'll die.

That was crazy, man.

The teacher would hadeverybody a volleyball at 8:00

in the morning.

You'd pick out the mostpathetic kid in the class

and try to kill them.

You're in the corner ofthe gym with your friends,

going, dude, check itout, he's got a walker.


Give me the ball.

Come on, give me the ball.

You got the kidwith the back brace.

It's my turn now.

You played kickball.

You guys remember kickball?

Kickball was great, right?

Remember that one kid every yearthat would miss the kickball?

If you missed the kickball, man,it was just like, I don't know,

move to Canada.

Because nobody inthis country will

sit with you at lunch time.

If you missed the kickball,you don't have a place

to sit at lunch for therest your life, not even,

like OK, not even likeexchange students.

They been in the country a week.

They know you're a loser.

Like, miss the kickball,first period gym.

Sixth period lunch.You're like, hey, you guys.

Anybody sitting here?


you're the kid thatmissed the kickball.

Beat it loser.

Doogie Howser.

Favorite subject.

What was your favoritesubject in school?