Martha Kelly - A Brand-New Martha

Martha Kelly Season 5, Ep 11 09/30/2016 Views: 691

Martha Kelly found out that driving across the country with four cats and a dog in the backseat isn't the easiest proposition. (1:22)

the first timethat I moved to Austin, Texas,

was in, uh, the year 2000.

And I moved thereand hit the ground running,

and I went out drinkingand smoking every single night

for a year straight.

And it was really funfor awhile,

but after a few months,

I started to feela little bit weird,

because beforeI moved to Austin,

I had kind of imagined myselfbecoming a new person

once I lived there.

It just had never occurred to me

that that personmight be Nick Nolte.

Bless his heart.


I quit drinkingin December of 2003 and, um,

I like being so...(crowd cheering)

Well, let's notget carried away.

Um... (chuckles)

It's fine. Like, I'm glad.

I actually-- I like being sober.

I'm used to it now,

but in the beginning,I did not like it.

It was really hard,

and, uh, for awhile,I just hated it.

And then after a few months,I realized that

since I was no longer spendingevery night getting drunk

and then every dayrecovering from the hangovers,

I had time and energy for stuffI'd never done before,

like cryingand cussing at strangers.