Nate Bargatze - Ex-Boyfriend Sighting

Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2015 Views: 7,071

While hanging out on a lake, Nate Bargatze's wife spots her ex-boyfriend and ruins everybody's day. (1:41)

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We--I'm from Nashville,and me and my wife,

we were in Nashvillelast summer,

and we went out on the lakewith some of our friends.

And we were, like,floating around in the water,

and there was a guy in a boat,like, right next to us,

and my wife was like,

"Oh, that's my ex-boyfriendin that boat."

Now,I didn't know who he was,

so she didn't have to say thatat all, you know?

She was just basically like,"Are you having fun?

'Cause I'd liketo put a stop to that."


"And make you stare at this guythe rest of the day."

So I'm, like, staring at him,

and then I look at my wife,and she's staring at him,

and I feel likeshe's staring at him

to see what her life wouldbe like if she didn't marry me.

So I started staring at him,'cause I'm like,

"I want to seewhat my life would be like

if I didn't marry her,"you know?

And we were putting--we were putting

so much pressure on this guy.


we--we stared at himfor a while.

He did nothing exciting at all,

and, uh, you know,we looked back at each other

and just realized,"You know what?

We don't have a boat.That's the only difference."

My friends--my friends were like,

"You should've wentand tried to fight him.

Why didn't you go fight him?"

And I was like,"Well, I would've had

to swim over to that fight."


"So I don't knowhow intimidating that is,

for a guy to see a head and alife jacket floating his way."

And then I got to getin the boat, you know?

Like, have you ever triedto climb into a boat from water?

It's not aggressive.

It takes an hourif no one is in the boat.

Like, if he's in there,I'm never gonna get in.

I would need his help.

I'd be like, "Could youhelp me into this boat?

I can't tell you why,but I really need in this boat."