Dana Gould - Plastic Surgery Face

Dan St. Germain, Adam Lowitt, Andy Zaltzman, Dana Gould Season 3, Ep 6 08/24/2012 Views: 8,260

Dana Gould believes that getting plastic surgery in your late 70s is like painting your house as the fire approaches. (1:57)

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But I don't understand it.

I don't, especiallywhen it becomes

recreational and repetitive.

Women do it all the time tolook younger.

And it would make perfectsense if one of them ever

came out looking younger.

But they don't. Theyjust look the same.

They all get plastic surgeryface.

No matter who they look likegoing in,

they all come out lookinglike the girl from the band

on "The Muppet Show."


Men get it too. Not asmuch, but they do.

I read a story about oneguy that got a lot of

plastic surgery andhe's in his late 70s.

Getting plastic surgery inyour late 70s,

it's kind of like painting yourhouse as the fire approaches.


Just die.

There's no shame in it!

We're all in the sameconveyor belt.

There was a guy in Borneo thatlived to be 113 years old.

When you're that age and youwake up in the morning,

it must just be this...[inhales]

"You gotta be [bleep] kiddingme!

"Who do I gotta blow to diearound here?

"Was I supposed to inventsomething that I haven't yet?

"Am I Dracula?"