Hacking Hillary's Mysterious Coughing Fit

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 09/06/2016 Views: 480

Kyle Kinane, Ron Funches and Tiffany Haddish explain what caused Hillary Clinton's recent onstage coughing fit. (1:37)

First up-- hacking Hillary.Hacking Hillary.

Cruella De Vil cosplayerHillary Clinton,

the candidate America's...

the candidate America'ssettling on--

'cause let's face it,we're not getting any younger--

has maintained a steady leadat the polls

with her strategyof not talking to the press

and waiting for Trump to justfinally say the "N" word. Uh...


There, I said it.I said it, okay?

But the far righthas been attacking her

over so-called health concerns,

and this coughing fitat a campaign stop in Cleveland

is only going to fanthose conspiracy theory flames.

Take a look.

(Clinton coughing)

Every time I think about Trump,I get allergic.


Uh, did anyone expect herto go, "It's me, Bernie Sanders.

It's me!"


So, comedians, you're comedians.

What's your Hillary quipto explain her coughing fit?

Ron Funches.

Oh, I'm sorry, y'all,

I was smoking on that strong...

HARDWICK:All right.

And unlike Bill, I did inhale.

HARDWICK:All right.

(cheers and applause)

(bell dings)

HARDWICK: I said Hillary's,not yours, Ron, not your answer.


Well, if you listenedreally closely you can hear

what she's really saying.

And she's like,(coughs)

"I'm all you got."




Kyle Kinane.

I think she's trying to say,

"(bleep) off, Bernie wouldhave had three strokes

and driven througha farmers market by now."


HARDWICK:Points, points for Kyle.

HARDWICK:Points, points for Kyle.

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