Joe List - Meditation

Joe List Season 4, Ep 10 10/24/2015 Views: 2,527

Joe List isn't sure why sitting alone with his thoughts is considered a good way to combat anxiety. (1:34)

My friend told me I should

meditate to relax,and that's always weird.

First of all,you ever try to read a book

and the opening quotebefore the book even starts

is too much for youto understand?

My friend told meI should meditate,

so I went to the bookstore,I picked up the meditation book.

Page one, it said,"Only that day dawns

to which you are awake."

I was like... (exhales)

Well, this bookis for somebody else.


I'm having a panic attack

trying to break downthe first sentence

in this book.

EvidentlyI'm too dumb to meditate.

I didn't know that was possible.

My friend's like, "You haveanxiety? You should meditate."

Oh, I should sit alone

in a room with nothingbut my thoughts?

That's a cure for anxiety?

What's your cure for my ADD,Sudoku?

I don't really...

He goes, "Meditation's easy.

You just lay still with youreyes closed for, like, an hour."

I'm like, "Isn't that a nap?

That seems awfully similarto a nap to me."

He's like, "No, it's different.

You let your mind wanderwherever it goes."

I'm like,"Yeah, that's a dream.

"That is a nap featuring a dream

"that you're referring to.

"Been doing thatsince I was a fetus.

It doesn't helpwith my anxiety."

So now I just take naps

and then I tell peopleI meditated.

You can do that.

That's not against the rules.

Nobody checks.

It's nice.

If you tell people you nap,they think that you're lazy.

If you tell people you meditate,

they think thatyou're better than them.

It's kind of nice, you know?