Profiles in Tremendousness: Treasury Secretary Nominee Steven Mnuchin

November 30, 2016 - Tomi Lahren 11/30/2016 Views: 50,911

While treasury secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin may seem like a pragmatic choice for the Trump administration, Roy Wood Jr. believes his past movie investments say otherwise. (4:02)

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So, before the break,we were discussing

the newest presidentialappointments,

including controversial senator,Jeff Sessions.

But there's another pickthat happened overnight

that's garneringa lot of attention.

REPORTER: The president-elect has picked billionaire banker

and his former campaign finance chair Steven Mnuchin

as the next treasury secretary.

REPORTER 2: Steven Mnuchin's career

is-is sort of one success after another.

REPORTER 3: Steve Mnuchin spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs.

Then he went to Hollywood to produce movies.

Are you serious?

A guy who spent his entire lifeworking in finance

is now goingto be the treasury secretary?

I mean, I guess that's fine,actually. That's fine.

We're so angry aboutthese things, but it's fine.

Look, I know it's easyto have a kneejerk reaction

to every single oneof these cabinet picks,

but we really have to take themone at a time.

And the truth is Mnuchin isn'tan outlandish pick for Trump.

He really isn't. I mean,other than his name, Mnuchin,

that's the only thingthat's a bit weird.

Sounds like a Street Fighter move. Mnuchin!

That's the only thing.It's like M-N-U-C-H.

I-I bet every timehe texts someone,

his phone autocorrects itto "munchkin."

The phone is like,"No, no, I know what you mean."

But other than that,he doesn't seem like a bad guy.

And, in fact, for more analysison the treasury secretary,

please, we're joinedby Roy Wood Jr., everybody.

(cheering and applause)

Oh. Hey, Trevor.

I was just readingyour new book, Born a Crime.

-Very nice job, bro. Very nicejob. -(cheering and applause)

-Thank you. -I mean, you'reriding that apartheid train

harder than Mandela.Get your money, bro.

-Good strategy. -Well, I guessthat's one way to look at it.

But, uh, anyway, let-let's moveon. That's not what we're here

to talk about, Roy. We're hereto talk about Donald Trump's

-new appointment, uh,Steve Mnuchin. -Mm-hmm.

Trevor, to be honest with you,I'm not that much of a fan

-of this guy. -You know,what's funny is I was expecting

you would say that. Because,uh, he has ties to Wall Street.

He spent years at Goldman Sachs.

And those are very, uh, youknow, controversial institutions

that the voters are against.

Mm, that ain't the reason,Trevor.

I could give a (bleep)about all that.

Look, all these finance guys

have shady dealings onWall Street. It's nothing new.

I get it. So you don't like himbecause he's a hedge fund guy,

and that's specifically whatTrump rallied against

during the campaign.

I don't give a (bleep)about that either.

Look, I have a problemwith his movies.

-I'm sorry. What?-Yeah, his movies.

Look, man, because Munchkin'snot on Wall Street anymore,

all he produces is movies.

And you can tell everythingabout a person

by looking at which moviesthey put their money into.

For instance, I looked at allthe movies you downloaded

on iTunes. Just real quick.

Wait. How did you getinto my account?

Siri thinks allblack fingerprints are the same.

-But the thing is...-(laughter)

You got Boyz n the Hood, you got Garden State,

and you've got The Notebook.

Which tells meyou're half black, half white,

-and you love a good cry.-(laughter) -That's true.

That's true. 'Cause Boyz n the Hood gets me every time.

-They killed Ricky, man. Theykilled Ricky. -I know, dude.

He got murderedby a dude in a Hyundai.

-That's the worst way to go out.-(laughter)

-Worst way to go out.-He let a Hyundai catch you.

Now, now, to that same point,

let's check outMunchkin's movies, all right?

He put moneybehind Jupiter Ascending,

In the Heart of the Seat and Pan.

(laughter and groaning)

Pan's so bad they named it

after the thing critics doto a (bleep) movie.


Yeah, what's the sequel called, Two Thumbs Down?

And then,don't even get me started

on In the Heart of the Sea. Come on, man.

First of all, white peoplegot to stop fighting fish.

-All right? Can't win.-(laughter, applause & cheering)

It's been a losing battlesince Jaws.

Trevor, this is the man

who's gonna be in chargeof the nation's financing.

The same man who thought it'd bea good investment to have

Channing Tatum fly aroundwith pointy ears and a goatee.

Channing Tatum is a sex symbol,and they made him ugly!

-(laughter) -How is thatbeing smart with money?

Just hire an ugly dude.It's cheaper.

Look, I hear what you're saying,but if are you're gonna be fair

and talk about the movieshe's produced, then, um,

Mnuchin also did make a bunchof hits including Mad Max.

Oh, a movie about living after the end of the world.

Yeah, this dude's a perfect pickfor Trump.

Oh, thanks, Roy.Roy Wood Jr., everyone.