Tracy Morgan - Consideration

Tracy Morgan: One Mic Season 1, Ep 101 08/26/2002 Views: 4,953

Tracy Morgan predicts that one day the person you were rude to in the subway is going to be waiting for you at the next stop. (1:04)

in this world, man.

You ever be having bags runningto the elevator--

"Hold it! Hold it!"

I'm telling you, that personin the elevator be like this:

"Door close. Door close.Door close. Door close."

And you get right thereand put your arm in

they be, like, "Sorry. Sorry.""You know you--

I tell them-- "You know youdidn't want me in here, man.

"You saw me comingdown the hall, yo.

I seen you get on the elevator."

Somebody miss that--that train door

and then they just look at youas the train...

( imitates train running )

One day, they're goingto surprise you

and be at the next stoplike this.

"See, now I got to cut you.

( laughter )

"Come on. Come on.

Come on with it."

That's how old dudes fight.

They always got that knife--

"Come on with it, brother.

"Come on with it, brother.

Come on with it, brother."

I seen my grandfather haveto fight in the parking lot.

After old dudes fight

there's always changeall over the floor.

"Come on with it, brother.Come on with it, brother."