Syria's New Tourism Campaign

September 7, 2016 - Ava DuVernay 09/07/2016 Views: 17,256

After Syria releases a tourism commercial glossing over the country's ongoing civil war, Trevor proposes a new angle for its ad campaign. (2:17)

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uh, whenever you hear "Syria,"

what are the first thingsyou think of?

A terrible civil war?

Air strikes killing civilians?

The bustling poetry scene?

Uh, and, of course,Assad committing war crimes

by using chemical weapons,on his own people as well.

You know? And it's all drivingmillions of people

to leave Syria,which may be why--

and-and this iscompletely true--

the Syrian government recentlyreleased a tourism video

to attract visitorsto the country. Take a look.

That's-that's the ad.

That's the whole ad.

That's it.

The only thing harderthan being a civilian in Syria

is being the minister of tourismin Syria.

Because-- did you notice--the ad had no words.

Yeah, it's almost likethe minister was like,

"What do you want me to write?I don't know what to say.

"What... How do I say... Whatam I going to say to them, huh?

"Think... You thinkof something. I can't think

"of anything. How do you tellpeople to come here?

"Just show the beach,the one beach we have left.

Show them that one.Show them that one."

Hey, Syria, here's a quick tip,if you want to encourage people

to come to your country, maybeyou should focus less on ads

and moreon not blowing people up.

That's the first step.I mean, for instance,

look at... look at Las Vegas.

They havea great tourism campaign,

but first they had to endthe bloody civil war

between Blue Man Groupand Cirque du Soleil.

They had to start somewhere.

And, now, I know,I know the Syrian copy writers

couldn't come upwith the right words for the ad,

you know, so we at The Daily Show decided to help.

ANNOUNCER: You may have heard Syria is a hell on earth.

But does this look like hell to you?

Look at this blue water.

Look at this sandy beach.

Look at this same beach from a different angle

or another angle

or another... N-No, wait.

Let's go back to this one.

This sure is a beautiful beach.

A place where the whole family can relax.

-(boom) -Ignore that.

-(gunfire) -That-that was a seagull.

C-Can we go back to the beach?

Syria, just focus on this one beach.

I think that works.I think that works.