Noah Gardenswartz - Germophobia & Ideal Doctors

Shy Guy Season 3, Ep 3 03/17/2016 Views: 892

Noah Gardenswartz demonstrates just how much he loves marijuana and talks about what kind of doctor he prefers. (1:36)

I do love weed.

I know, very brave to admit

at a surfer barin Hawaii, but...

I love weed so muchthat I'm a germaphobe

about everything except weed.

Like, I won't share a drinkwith my best friend,

but I'd let a homeless manroll me a blunt.

Do you understandwhat I'm saying?

If I have a drink,and my best friend

takes a sip,I no longer want that drink.

He can have it.

If I see a homeless manrolling a blunt,

I'll ask him if I can hit itand be like,

"Cough once in my mouthfor yes,

lick my face for no."

Try to avoid germs, though.

Try to be healthier'cause I had a health scare

at the beginning of the year.

Several months ago,my prostate was acting up.

So I had to goget my prostate checked

and when I toldone of my friends that,

he's like, "You better hopeyour doctor's not gay."

And I was like, "I absolutelyhope my doctor's gay."

If I have toget my prostate checked,

and I'm choosing betweena doctor who spends all day

locating the prostateand a doctor who spends

all day and all nightlocating the prostate...

give me the guy workinga double shift, all right?

[cheers and applause]

I want my doctor to haveas much knowledge and experience

with the body partthey're examining as possible,

and I don't care how theyacquire their 10,000 hours.