Exclusive - Kurt Braunohler - Interview with Jeffrey Ross

New York Comedy Festival Season 1, Ep 1 01/11/2011 Views: 247

If Jeffrey Ross roasted himself it would be a four part miniseries. (3:03)

-Hello and welcome to theNew York Comedy Festival.

I'm Kurt Braunohler sitting downwith Jeff Ross who just hosted

the Comics to Watch Show hereat Caroline's in New York City.

How are you, Jeff?

-Feeling good.

Congrats on a good set, man.

-Thank you very much.

-You did--you killed.

-Oh, thank you.


-Shut up.

He's making me blush.

So you've just come back to NewYork for the festival, correct?


-How do you enjoy doing showsin New York City as opposed

to other places?

-Well, I started out here--


-So I feel very at home here.

I know these crowds.


-We're at Caroline's,which, you know,

I'm performing hereover Christmas.

I come back here whenever I can.

So I love it here.


-I always try outnew stuff here.

My first time, uh, ontelevision was in Caroline's

on one of theirold TV shows, so--

-Caroline's usedto have a TV show?


-Oh, really?

-So to be back hereintroducing comedians

for their first time--


- --of being, um, you know, onthe internet is really cool.


It was a really fun show.


-And what-- what's like,say, the worst show

you've ever had inNew York City itself?



-I did show once-- uh, let'ssee-- where a fireman came

onstage and took themic out of my hand.


-It was like at aChristmas party.

-And he was just wasted?

-I was picking on him.

-And then he tookthe mic so he's

like, you're notpicking on me anymore.

-I didn't have thereputation I have now.


-Of the roast master general.



-Is there anyone-- is thereanyone you wouldn't roast?

Is there any person who isbeyond your-- beyond who you

wouldn't make thechoice to or you

just think they're untouchable.

-I probably wouldn't roasta handicapped person,

but yet I roasted Larry Flynt.

-Yeah, so you did.


-So you've already done that.

-I called him Humpty Pussy.


-I wouldn't roast, uh--yeah, nothing's off limits.


-If you can find a goodangle and they're up for it--

-Yeah, yeah.-They're a good sport.

Anything's fair game.

-Uh, what's your best roast--

-I want to toast mycousin Clark next time.


-He looks like a child molester.

Look at him.


-He kinda does.


He's been on "To Catcha Predator" three times.


-What's the best roast for--thatyou would have for yourself?



Well, let's see.

I'd probably makefun of my hair.

My face.

My penis.

My stomach.

My career.

-This is everything.

-My love life.

It'd be a four-part mini series.


-Would you be willingto roast me right now?

-Oh, my God.

I only roast celebrities.



Right at the tip of your tongue.

That's good.-That was good.

-Yeah, that was really good.

-No, you were greatin "Schindler's List'

as the guard.



-This is a show foraspiring comedians,

not perspiring comedians.


That was terrible.


-That was terrible.

Jeff Ross, very bad.

-Right now you'resweating like, uh--


Do you see this--

- --Joe Paterno at a hearingfor his-- never mind.

-This is what I call mymoist-stache right here.

-Oh, that's nice.


Thank you so much, Jeff.

-Congratulations to you, buddy.

-Thank you very much.

Stay tuned for more from theNew York Comedy Festival.

I'm Kurt Braunohler.

See you later.