President-Elect Trump Meets with Kanye West

December 13, 2016 - Ta-Nehisi Coates 12/13/2016 Views: 34,414

President-elect Trump and Kanye West hold a mysterious meeting inside Trump Tower, sending the media into a frenzy. (2:01)

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So, yesterdaywas a huge day for me.

And, uh, todaywas a huge day for Ye.

REPORTER: Moments ago, Kanye West arrived

and he went up the elevators at Trump Tower.

We don't know exactly why he's there.

He didn't answer any questions as he walked in.

Yes, Donald Trump and Kanyehad a little meeting today.

And, uh,look at Kanye West's hair.

The guy was in Trump Towerless than an hour,

and Trump's people his head already?

What are they doing?

I mean, I guessit could have been worse.

Kanye could have come outrocking the full Donald.

That would have been...Like, I would have known

he was completely gone. But, uh,the meeting must have gone well,

because not long ago--and this is real--

Kanye tweeted "#2024,"

meaning that now Kanye is notgonna run against Trump in 2020,

and that also meanswe may get to see Trump

feature in the "Bound 3"music video. So, uh...

This is exciting.This is exciting.

Uh, but-but you know what,for me, even better

those two meetingwas the news coverage of it.

They actually called him namesat the end of every article,

so in that sense...

I'm-I'm sorry,I just heard something.

But... Oh, my goodness.

Kerry's really strongrelationship with, uh, Zarif

-was really instrumentalin the Iran deal. -Absolutely.

-And you see Lavrov and Kerrytogether a lot. -You know what?

We got to take youto Trump Tower, uh, right now,

-Donald Trump and Kanye West.-Look at that.

Oh, man.

Oh, the media is the best.

The situation in the Middle Eastis looking increasingly dir...

I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry.I'm happy you're talking about

human tragedy,and I'm-a let you finish,

but we have one of the bestnews stories of all time. Yeah.

It really makes you wonderhow America ended up electing

a celebrity presidentwhen the media

is so focused on the issues.