Uncensored - Dave Attell - Taking the Gloves Off

Lynne Koplitz, Lil Rel Howery, Judah Friedlander Season 1, Ep 5 05/11/2014 Views: 1,669

Dave Attell warns the audience that the show will be filthy dirty and then introduces the first comic of the night. (1:40)


A lot of you are thinking,

"What rule of 'Fight Club'is this?"

I mean, really, where are we?

We're at The Underground.

My name is Dave Attell,I'm your host,

and we're gonna have a greattime.

This is gonna be uncensored,unfiltered comedy,

the way it should be told.

And we're gonna...somethingelse, something, whatever.

All right, anyway...

As you can see,I'm holding a camera.

So let's see what kind ofaudience we have here tonight.

Fauxhawk, everything coolwith you?

Is that a look or a protest?What are you doing?

Another water for these guys.

So let's see what's happeningat this table.

This guy's wearing a flannel.

You look like a lumberjack'saccountant or something that...

And, Miss, what's your name?Jessica.

Jessica, all right, would youmind being

the camera personfor the show?

I would love to.

You'd love it. Okay, cool.Here you go, Jessica.

I'm giving the camera toJessica.

Give her a hand.

(cheers and applause)

All right, back to father,back to father.

This is great.

Guys, we're hereat The Underground.

We're gonna start it out.

Now, I'm just gonna letyou know right now,

this is an uncensored,unfiltered show, okay?

This is filthy, dirty.

We're taking the gloves offtonight,

and we're all gonnaget a dirty sniff

of the fingerof show business.

Are you guys ready?(cheers and applause)

We're gonna start it out

with one of my all-timefavorite comics.

This lady, class,all the way around.

This is free, by the way.

Just so you know, people athome, Hollywood, free food.

Keep it going forLynne Koplitz everybody.

Lynne Koplitz

(cheers and applause)

Dave Attell!