Larry Omaha - Mixture of Cultures

Cristela Alonzo, Larry Omaha & Maz Jobrani Season 1, Ep 6 11/10/2011 Views: 8,438

Due to a mixing of indigenous bloodlines, Larry Omaha looks like Jackie Chan. (0:56)

Every city I've traveled to,

the police are stopping me,searching me,

patting me down.

I will say this though.

Phoenix policemenhave the softest hands.


Tell you a bit about myself.

My mother's Yaqui Indian,my father's Zapotec Indian.

And because of that mixtureof cultures,

that intermingling ofindigenous bloodlines,

I stand here tonightlooking like Jackie Chan.

I'm always mistaken for

belonging toanother cultural group.

When I was born, my dad said,"Holy crap, we had a Korean."

Everywhere I go.

I worked Alaska,they treated me like family,

as if I was a long-lost brother.

After looking around,I understood.

I am pretty sure Eskimosare just freeze-dried Navajos.