David Cross - Humphrey Bogart

Anderson, Graham, Cross Season 2, Ep 12 05/26/1993 Views: 12,916

David imagines Humphrey Bogart as his dentist. (1:02)

I recently moved to Los Angeles,the movie capital of the world.

And, you know, I'ma great big fan

of the movies, especiallythe old classics.

And one of myfavorite actors was

the late, great Humphrey Bogart.

Now who could forgetHumphrey Bogart?


Give it up for Humphrey Bogart.

Who could forget HumphreyBogart in such classic films

as "The MalteseFalcon," "Treasure

of the SierreMadre," "Casablanca"?

Now, folks, can youimagine if Humphrey

Bogart was your dentist?


Wouldn't that be weird?