Nigel Lawrence - Nigel's Dads

Season 3, Ep 0308 07/25/2008 Views: 18,459

"Nigel" is the kind of name that same-sex parents give to their adopted kids. (1:35)

That's right.

It's, uh... I guess that's kindof an unusual name.

It's not that common...

Nope, it is. Super common here.

I was in a bara little while ago

and I had this... like,this really hammered guy

stagger up to me,and he's like,

(slurred): "Hey, what kind ofname is Nigel anyways?"

(loud exhale)

I don't know why drunk peopleexhale a lot,

but they have troublebreathing...

He's like, "I'll tell you whatkind of name that is."

I was like, "Wow, you'regoing to answer

"your own question, great.


"You didn't really needto bother me then.

"You could just keep thisto yourself.

Leave me alone."

He's like, "I'll tell youwhat kind of name that is.

(deep exhale)

"That's the kind of namesame-sex couples

give their adopted kids."




I was like, "Whoa--

"hold on a second.

My dads aren't gay, okay?"


"They're just not into sports.

They like ravesand glow sticks."


It's good... it's good.

I am, uh... I'm newly single.

(audience hooting)

No. It's very... it's very new.

I haven't actuallytold her yet.


I probably...

Got to send that e-mail outpretty soon.

(laughter and applause)